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Sunday, May 13, 2007


Last night Sarah and I went to the tiny Band Room Farndale, to hear an acoustic-guitarist singer-songwriter from the Faroe Islands called Teitur Lassen, though for some reason his pro name is just Teitur Pronounced "tie-tor". As with Willy Mason at the same venue in March, I went knowing nothing and having heard nothing of the performer. And as with Willy Mason we were well rewarded for taking this small risk. Teitur was so fine that at the end of his utterly beguiling, authentic set, we bought two CDs.

The CDs are less distinctive than seeing him live and solo, because his guitar-playing is brilliant (a technique so good that it rarely calls attention to itself, yet when it does it's to move, thrill or enchant, never to be flash or me-me-me) and gives the perfect accompaniment to the songs. On the CDs, surrounded by strings and pianos, he sounds more like other people: I'm not sure who. Damien Rice maybe. This rather lush garnish of accompaniment also puts the songs in danger of sounding sentimental or soft; live and solo they soar above all that, fresh, open, quirky and special. He is so splendidly himself. I think he's practically a genius. I'd go and see him 1o nights running if I could.

When you've a moment I recommend your going to and playing, say, 'Louis Louis'. There's a video of it there too. But if you possibly can, catch him live. As soon as possible.

For instance tonight at Newcastle's Morden Poetry Tower, City Walls, behind Stowell Street, NE1; 8pm, £8.00.

Or on Tuesday, 15th, at Bush Hall, 310 Uxbridge Rd, London W127LJ; 7.30pm Cost : £10 (includes support act Sylvie Lewis).


Blogger dearg doom said...

Yes ...I was so excited at the prospect of seeing Jim White that I gave little thought to teitur. I am so glad that I determined to still go despite Jim having to cancel. It was a typically splendid Band Room gig- never about ego or hype but simply a magical mix of the artist with people who listen and adore a brave artist. Teitur was a joy to compare with the wide eyed innocence of Laura Veirs when she supported Erin McKeown and Jesse Sykes a few years ago. His song structure was so clever as was his use of guitar – he managed to produce some amazing sounds – and I agree that isn’t captured as effectively on his cds. However, I’m still unsure how the Band Room manages to continually find people who produce amazing nights for us. It is lovely to sit in a room of 60 - 90 people and hear tales of how people have found the venue! On Saturday we were sitting with folks from Sheffield and the Faroe Islands via Grimsby. God love them ..When the gig finished they wanted to know where they should be going for more entertainment! Well they could go for a walk and see where the daffodils had been or look at the moon!

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