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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A rareish and evocative shot of Buddy Holly on an earlier winter tour:
arriving on his tour bus in Rochester, New York, to play at the Auditorium Theater,
Sunday January 19, 1958.
I think the photo is by Lewis Allen, published a while ago in The Guardian.

The great Son House was living in the slums of Rochester NY at the time, having moved there in 1943. It's where he gave up playing, sold his guitar and, later, would be amazed to be ‘rediscovered’.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt this will excite Michael much but apparently the soundtrack to "My Own Love Song" contains many more Dylan songs than heard of TTL.
Pat Ford

My Own Love Song Soundtrack Tracklist:
Bob Dylan – Forgetful Heart (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Life Is Hard (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Sweeping The Floor (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Bumble Bee (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Jane’s Lament (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Joey’s Theme (Dylan) *
Ron Eaton – Preludes, Opus 28 #6 in b Minor (Chopin)
Bob Dylan – I Feel A Change Coming On (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Driving South (Dylan) *
Georges Drakoulias – What Good Am I (Dylan)
Forest Whitaker – What Good Am I (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Back Alley (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Snow Falling (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Billie #30 (Dylan) *
Chopin Nocturne 7
Renee Zellweger – Precious Angel (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Road Weary (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Click Clack (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Life Is Hard (Dylan) (instrumental)
Bob Dylan – Robbie Robert’s Lament (Dylan) *
Robert Johnson – Me And The Devil Blues
Bob Dylan – New Orleans Drums (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Janet’s Step (Dylan) *
Source Music – Late Night Blues For Leroy Carr
Ron Eaton – Preludes, Opus 28 #4 in e Minor (Chopin)
Don Sparks – I Believe In You
Bob Dylan – Swingin’ (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Blues Club (Playback) (Dylan) *
Renee Zellweger – This Land Is Your Land
Bob Dylan – It’s All Good (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – East Texas (Dylan) *
The Bourbon Street Stompers – Down By The Riverside
Georges Darkoulias – What Good Am I (Dylan)
Ron Eaton – Preludes, Opus 28 #15 in Db Major (Chopin)
Renee Zellweger – Life Is Hard (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Beyond Here Lies Nothing (Dylan)

* = New Song

3:55 pm  
Blogger Michael Gray said...

Many thanks for this, Pat.

12:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael, This is assuming it isn't an April Fools day joke. There seem to be quite a few other mentions including an interview with the films director which suggest the story is legit.
Pat Ford

5:30 pm  

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