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Saturday, July 23, 2011



Anonymous Kieran said...

She was a force of nature. Her course seemed unperturbable - she was to be destroyed and nothing was getting in the way. It's sad to the extent that she was young, and hindsight begs the question: why didn't somebody take charge?

But it's apparently difficult to intervene with substance abusers. They need to come knocking. She had become the female Shane McGowan a long time ago, more famous for being a shambling mess than for her talent. I don't like the way the media mythologise these things, because i think this kind of death is no more prevalent among rock stars than it is among any other demographic. And rock stars have such resources to help themselves, though they equally have such opportunities for destruction. It's an egotistical nightmare world. It's not only about the music - which is admittedly very slight - but also image and lifestyle, which is berzerk, when you think about it.

Dullards like Liam Gallagher only perpetuate the immature myth that rock musicians are somehow rebellious or dangerous. I'll tell you what's rebellious in todays world: becoming a nun, or a monk. Indulging yourself is the easiest thing in the world to do. An indisciplined child can do that. It doesn't require ideology, method or talent.

I don't agree with the concept that a disturbed life fuels great art. This is 19th Century Romantic period nonsense.

Anyhow, gone off topic! I liked Amy's music and it's a pity she couldn't see more clearly - or with some hope. It's loss of hope kills addicts, really...

3:43 pm  
Blogger Michael Gray said...

A lot of strong opinions broiling away there, Kieran...

4:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I'll tell you what's rebellious in todays world: becoming a nun, or a monk. Indulging yourself is the easiest thing in the world to do."

Never were truer words spoken. Looking back on Dylan's career, I have to say the most rebellious thing he has done is probably becoming a born-again Christian. Even more so than the switch to electric. Sort of like his country bumpkin phase, but even straighter. Conformists tend to sell records these days, especially those who conform to some cliched idea of rebellion. Maybe Cliff Richard is right - he is the ultimate rebel afer all.

11:03 pm  
Anonymous Tom said...

I saw Amy live way back before she hit 'fame'. She was a fantastic live performer. I like her 2 albums, I'm not a huge fan and don't listen to them, but compared to most of the other chart music out there, she was easily one of the best.

Dylan quoted one of her songs a few years back, at the London Roundhouse gig, in one of his strange gags.

5:15 pm  

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