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Friday, October 20, 2006


A reprint of The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia, printed in the UK, is now starting to percolate through to shops. It differs from the first UK printing by featuring a number of corrections plus updated entries on Bob's XM Satellite Radio series and on Paul Nelson.

These do not represent the full range of amendments I hope and believe will feature in future reprintings but they incorporate about 50 changes I was able to make by July the 14th (Bastille Day), including Paul Nelson's death. The reprint also includes an updated CD-Rom of the corrected text.

There is, disappointingly, nothing on the copyright page to indicate that this is a corrected reprint, so completists and potential new customers standing in bookshops wondering if they're looking at the reprint or not are recommended to check the Paul Nelson entry. If he's dead, it's a corrected reprint.

Completists might like to note that this means there are now three versions of the book, all with the same ISBN and thus all considered to be part of the 1st edition: i.e., copies printed in the US (on cream paper), first-printing copies printed in the UK (on white paper) and now the UK reprint (white paper again).

PS. I shall be giving a talk at this year's John Green Memorial Day event at the Park Inn, Northampton, on Saturday week, October 28th. I'll be speaking at some point during the afternoon, and my wife Sarah and I will also be running a stall at the event.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your achievement, Michael. Having just completed my own small corner of research into the Brecht-Dylan connection, I can appreciate what a mammoth task you have been devoted to over the years. Thank you for including me in your entry on Brecht - it was very timely for me, coming just as my thesis was marked and led to a NY Times journalist becoming interested (Jason Zinoman 'When Bobby met Brecht, Times Changed', NY Times 8 October 2006).
I have just sent you an email at the address from which you contacted me several years ago, but am trying this way too just in case. I am just wondering whether you can suggest a good way to start when trying to get a work on Dylan published...
Many thanks
Esther Quin Harcourt

6:22 am  
Blogger Michael Gray said...

This message has been answered privately by e-mail.

3:15 pm  

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