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Monday, July 06, 2009


So. Hewitt played better than he has for years, which was terrific to see; Sharapova fell early, which wasn't; Safina - no.1 in the world rankings - was thrashed 6-1, 6-0 by the great Venus Williams, but Dementieva almost beat Serena, losing only through a faltering of the mind (which is surely inevitable whenever she glances up at her mother: a woman so fretful-faced and nervy that just to see her there, as the camera too often did, was to feel your soul shrivel a bit).

Murray went down fighting, but will come up again; and though you had to feel sorry for Roddick, given what was at stake for him and after how magnificently he played his last matches - and how hugely his range of shot has improved - I passionately wanted Roger Federer to win . . . and I want him to go on to win many more Grand Slam tournaments yet. He’s so clearly an artist on a whole other level that to want to see him break all records is merely to want to see justice done.


Anonymous Kieran said...

It was a tremendous match and kudos to both players for how they persevered, but "justice done" would be a fit Nadal still world #1, still FO and Wimbledon champ! Federer gained so much from Nadal's injuries that there's a clear asterisk beside these wins.

Don't you know the old get devoured by the young? That's the natural order of things. Nadal being injured has rejuvenated Federer. Let's wait and see how he handles a fit and fired-up Ralphie...

2:43 pm  
Anonymous Kieran said...

Having said that, Roddick was awesome and Federer is like tempered steel!

His serving in the final set was exceptional and he needed only ONE match point to finally break the Roddick serve. It's three years running Federer has been in great Wimbledon finals and it was tremendous to see those all-timers in the stands as witnesses to history...

8:56 am  

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