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Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm setting off this afternoon to head for Shropshire tonight and then Cumbria tomorrow. I wish I had time in the former to visit the working Victorian farm there that has been featured on British TV these last two nights (it continues tomorrow night): fascinating stuff, and with a tremendous shire horse and charming, youthful pigs. But I shall instead see daughter Magdalena, son Gabriel, granddaughter Indiana (for the first time) and Indiana's mum Cath. Then tomorrow...

...I'm off up the motorway to Cumbria, to give one last British Bob Dylan & the Poetry of the Blues talk at Sedbergh Book Festival. It's tomorrow night - Friday 25th - at the John Arden Theatre, Busk Lane, Sedbergh; tickets £9 (£5 to under-16s). It's the last time I shall give this performance - though it's never the same one night to the next anyway - in the UK. The last time anywhere at all will be at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro GA on October 22.


Blogger Jeff Katz Sez said...

Love your blog. You may be interested in my site Maybe Baby (or, You Know That It Would Be Untrue).It's a series of alternative histories of rock. There's a new post today on Dylan. I've linked to your site. Perhaps, if you enjoy Maybe Baby, you can link to it as well.

4:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if you've lectured in the San Francisco Bay Area already, but are there any plans to do so in the future?

6:50 pm  
Blogger Michael Gray said...

Well Jeff, I've been to your site and I certainly don't see a link to mine there...

To Anonymous: I did a talk in San Francisco, and another in Berkeley, in 2006. Unfortunately though the one in Berkeley was in a very good independent bookstore and the guy running it knew a lot about wine, the one in SF was in the wrong place. My publisher had booked it, and instead of going to City Lights, where they were very civil and had sold out of my book, he'd put me into some hole on Haight Street. A hole within a hole. I'd love to come back and do it properly but have no current plans. But if you have any specific places in mind, do let me know. And thank you for asking.

5:45 pm  

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