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Monday, May 17, 2010



Anonymous Carl Finlay said...

hi Michael
Nina also did a lovely version of "I shall be released". she is a queen :) heres the link:
oh ive recently been trying to hunt down some good Bob Dylan bootlegs and i was trying to remember something you had said, regarding a 1966 performance of i think "Just like Tom Thumb's Blues" somewhere in Australia. You said something to the effect of that it was the the best performance ever captured on tape. Am I making any sense??
What other shows or rare recordings would you recommend hearing?
thank you

3:41 pm  
Blogger Michael Gray said...

Actually my favourite live 66 'Tom Thumb's Blues' is from Liverpool: I just think it's the most on-the-edge yet perfectly performed, unfaltering version, an unequalled evocation of desperation. It's an absurd game, I know, but if I had to pick just one Bob Dylan track for my desert island, it might have to be that one.

As to what other shows or rare recordings, that would be too long a list. As a sprawling generalisation, though, I'd say get anything 1961-1984. Of course there are things within that range that aren't so good (much of the 1974 tour with The Band, for instance) and conversely some terrific things outside that period (scattered through the first five years of the Never-Ending Tour, especially).

6:42 pm  
Anonymous Carl Finlay said...

hey thanks michael. I managed to get a hold of the Liverpool "Just like Tom Thumb's Blues". I think what makes it so good is The Band, lots of lovely improvising. But for me a lot of songs from '66 (including Blonde on Blonde)suffer due to bob's delivery. He sounds sooo out of his mind on the cocktail of stimulants he was evidently on. I think he sounds like a parody of himself. Having said that ive always loved the harmonica solo's during the acoustic half of his concerts during this period.
I found some other interesting things aswell. "Hard to handle" form Sydney 1986 was a revelation! Not to say its the best Bob performance ive heard (not by a long shot) but compared to the official live albums of the 80s (real live and Dylan and the Dead) its unbelievable!!! Listening to this show, he sounds quite inspired and engaged with the music, Its hard to believe that he was knocking out such down right atrocious official music at this time!
Prague 95 is quite special, and anything from 2000 is generally amazing.
As for a desert island song, its virtually impossible., it changes all the time. But the Blood on the Tracks/Desire/Rolling Thunder Revue era has always been a joy for me to listen to.
Any update on when to expect the next book you mentioned you had in the pipeline??? Im really looking forward to it :)

12:47 am  

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