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Monday, January 17, 2011


And this comes courtesy of John Baldwin's Desolation Row Newsletter this morning, who found it in a message on

My Own Love Song is now available on DVD... [This] is a 2010 road movie directed and written by Olivier Dahan and starring Renée Zellweger, Forest Whitaker, Madeline Zima and Nick Nolte. It premiered in Dahan's native France on April 7, 2010 and in the United States at the Tribeca Film Festival between April 21 to May 2, 2010. The soundtrack contains music written by Dylan, including 'Life is Hard' from his 2009 album Together Through Life.

The soundtrack is heavy in material from those studio sessions. Not only does it feature several selections that originally appeared on Together Through Life, but it also includes 16 previously unreleased originals recorded during that same time frame. Titles include...'Driving South', 'Bumble Bee', and 'Sweeping The Floor'.

So, My Own Love Song includes both old and new Dylan, all of which came from the same studio sessions... Tracklist:

Bob Dylan – Forgetful Heart (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Life Is Hard (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Sweeping The Floor (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Bumble Bee (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Jane’s Lament (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Joey’s Theme (Dylan)
Ron Eaton – Preludes, Opus 28 #6 in b Minor (Chopin)
Bob Dylan – I Feel A Change Coming On (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Driving South (Dylan)
Georges Drakoulias – What Good Am I (Dylan)
Forest Whitaker – What Good Am I (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Back Alley (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Snow Falling (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Billie #30 (Dylan)
Chopin Nocturne 7
é Zellweger – Precious Angel (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Road Weary (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Click Clack (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Life Is Hard (Dylan) (instrumental)
Bob Dylan – Robbie Robert’s Lament (Dylan)
Robert Johnson – Me And The Devil Blues
Bob Dylan – New Orleans Drums (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Janet’s Step (Dylan)
Source Music – Late Night Blues For Leroy Carr
Ron Eaton – Preludes, Opus 28 #4 in e Minor (Chopin)
Don Sparks – I Believe In You
Bob Dylan – Swingin’ (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Blues Club (Playback) (Dylan)
e Zellweger – This Land Is Your Land
Bob Dylan – It’s All Good (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – East Texas (Dylan)
The Bourbon Street Stompers – Down By The Riverside
Georges Darkoulias – What Good Am I (Dylan)
Ron Eaton – Preludes, Opus 28 #15 in Db Major (Chopin)
e Zellweger – Life Is Hard (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Beyond Here Lies Nothing (Dylan)

Amazon France has a better price than Amazon UK at Euro 15.98.


Anonymous Kieran said...

I've been searching Amazon etc, for confirmation of the soundtrack album, and have found nothing. There's nothing on his website either. It sounds interesting, though.

And I wonder if the unknown songs are co-writes with Robert Hunter, or Dylan's own...

2:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe we'll all live long enough to purchase Bootleg Series Volume 26: THE LIFE IS HARD SESSIONS

4:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope the songs released on Together Through Life weren't the cream of the crop. Otherwise I think I'd be more excited about Bootleg Series 24: The Down in the Groove Sessions.

9:04 am  
Blogger Statement Analysis Blog said...

Is there a release date for the soundtrack?

New Dylan songs....sweet!

Peter Hyatt

2:58 am  
Anonymous Harold Lepidus said...

I was told from someone at Sony when the film was released, there would be no separate soundtrack CD. Since the film was not a commercial success, I doubt that has changed. I wrote about it here:

3:26 pm  

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