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Friday, January 14, 2011


The Dylan Box Of Vision: I believe this will be published/released in March: it's a beautiful package, in a large box, that includes the artwork from all Dylan's vinyl albums, plus a book that gathers together reviews of each album from when each was new. I'm pleased to be able to say that a couple of my own reviews are featured - of Dylan and Blood On The Tracks - and in the latter case at least, I'm happy to stand by what I wrote more than 35 years ago...

Meanwhile a couple of new URLs to draw to your attention. First, for anyone in the north of England who writes songs, wants to record demos, needs a music publisher, wants to learn studio techniques, or various other things, I can recommend the excellent people who have just launched And of course if you don't need their studio, you don't have to be in the north of England to find them useful.

I shall be using their studio next month to record readings from The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia. Obviously the book is far too big to make for an audiobook version, but we're going to create a CD (and perhaps an mp3) comprising audio versions of around 15-20 entries, which will be available - I hope in March - and which I'll have for sale at my March and April gigs in the US & Ireland and from this blog. The title will be Bob Dylan Encyclopedia Greatest Hits...

Second, my old friend the writer Nigel Hinton now not only has a website ( but has just created a new blog.

Meanwhile later today I'll be posting an updated list of all my Spring 2011 tour dates - talking of which: is there anyone out there in Berkeley or Carmel or Monterey or San Anselmo CA with a venue to offer for the night of Friday Feb 25 or Saturday Feb 26???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to attend your lecture at Stanford, California. How do people make sure they can attend?

6:33 pm  
Blogger Michael Gray said...

Thanks for asking. I've run out of time today for posting the updated tour details but will post it tomorrow, including Stanford details. Hope to see you there, too.

7:01 pm  
Anonymous Dave said...

I remember well your Blood On The Tracks review in that fine mag Let it Rock. It was about the same time as the Dylan bug really started kicking into my teenage self, and embarrased as I am to admit it I must have read it countless times... aaah happy days

12:00 am  
Anonymous Kieran said...

I'm not too sure what this new "box set" means. What's being celebrated here? Is Dylan tipping a hat to the critics? Bizarre if he is, given how he tends to denigrate them so memorably and with severe relish in interviews.

Has nostalgia and fad so gripped Sony that they offer us a coffee table thingy of pictures and words "about" music - but no new actual music?

Or are Sony thinking this is another way to milk the teat?

1:49 pm  
Anonymous Tricia said...

The "Box of Vision" isn't a Sony product, although I imagine it has to be Authorised in some way. Think of it more as a storage item and a work of art, practical and beautiful. Not that I've seen the Dylan version, but you can look at the previous editions online. They are pricey but would be a wonderful way to store a collection, all together and with full-size artwork. I wouldn't mind getting one as a gift!

3:17 pm  

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