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Friday, July 18, 2008


Yesterday, July 17, was the official publication date of the newly updated and revised version of The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia, ie the paperback, both in Europe and North America. I spent the day doing chores, and was still painting primer'n'undercoat on the big bookcases (bought for the house in France) at about 10.30 last night when I suddenly remembered: "Hmm - a book of mine was published today..." Then I carried on with the bookcases.

I have an old dark bookcase up in my study that holds the author's copies of the various editions of my own books, with the top shelf inscribed with a quote from Walter Benjamin translated into English: THE MOST RESPECTABLE WAY TO ACQUIRE BOOKS IS TO WRITE THEM.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how about if people write books about you; that's quiet a respectable way of acquiring books. B.D. had done quite well, if that is so.

11:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I sure wish I had caught you in time to correct my biggest pet peeve in Dylan reference books before the paperback came out. You write that Richard Manuel's first gig with Dylan was "probably" Carnegie Hall, but your other entries suggest you are aware that the Hawks first show backing Dylan was actually my hometown of Austin. When I first read this fact in Levon's book, I undertook to research the historic show throughly and document the reviews and even some unpublished press conference photos on my Dylan fansite at About 90 percent of the books overlook this date. Al Kooper gets it right by the way, as does Heylin. Fantastic job otherwise.

8:56 am  
Blogger Michael Gray said...

Dear Anon
Yep, I bet ole Walter Benjamin never thought of that... yet now of course he has it both ways.

Dear Paul
Yes indeed, that Austin debut. You're right, of course, and I too wish I had nailed this properly before the paperback. I can only say that as ever I'm compiling a list of further corrections for possible future editions. By the way, thank you for the longer messages you sent before on this subject. I meant to e-mail you. It slipped my mind but I recognised your name (and theme) when I read your new posting (above).

PS. Austin: great place.

6:16 pm  

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